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Travel size kit + FREE GIFT

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TRAVEL SIZE + A FREE GIFT (limited time offer)

All 4 products to clean, exfoliate, tone, hydrate and moisturize dehydrated, blemish prone skin.

The kit includes:

KEEP CALM - Oil Balancing and Skin Barrier Boosting Oil Cleanser (30ml)

Our oil-to-milk cleanser and makeup remover will give you a sensational and luxurious face washing experience delivering exfoliating, pore tightening, calming and oil production balancing properties. 

KEEP CALM is powerful but gentle face cleanser that draws impurities and excess oil build up out of the pores balancing the skin sebum production. It uses essential fatty acids to gently but deeply cleanse the skin and a special fruit enzymes mix to boost exfoliation and enhance cellular proliferation. With added ceramides for a skin barrier boost and Blue Tansy for its calming properties this innovative formula will leave your skin clean, calm and subtle and will not disturb the skin’s microbiome and pH like most conventional cleansers. 

Rinses clean - No greasy or oily feel after use.  

Fully removes makeup and is safe to use for the eyes area. 


FLORA - Micellar Water for Gentle Cleansing and Toning (30ml)

This multitasker is formulated for people with dehydrated or oily skin prone to breakouts who are looking for a gentle way to cleanse, tone and hydrate without disturbing the skin’s barrier and pH. 

The NMF micellar water is a 3 in 1 product capable of cleansing, toning and hydrating the skin at the same time using 100% natural actives, hydrosols and calming aloe. 


PLANT VOODOO - Clarifying Concentrate for Dehydrated Blemish Prone Skin (10ml)

This powerful dry oil concentrate is the ultimate breakout neutralizer. Formulated with potent plant derived anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin-identical ingredients. It is designed for skin prone to congestion, hormonal fluctuations, break outs and inflammation and will support the skin's barrier and immune system. 

Plant Voodoo will further purify your pores, calm your breakouts, reduce inflammation and make your skin stronger and more resistant. 

The synergistic combination of Bakuchiol (plant form of Vitamin A with no side effects) and 1% salicylic acid has a proven skin purifying and anti-bacterial effect.

Thyme, chamomile CO2 and mangosteen peel extracts work together to calm, clear and protect the skin without disturbing the skin microbiome.

Ceramides in a blend of Black Cumin CO2 extract, Watermelon, Blackberry and Pomegranate oils rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid) will strengthen and boost the skin’s barrier making it more resilient and healthier looking. 


PHANTOM - Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer for Blemish Prone Skin (10ml)

Formulated for dehydrated, blemish prone skin this ultralight spray moisturizer disappears in your skin giving it the needed hydration without aggravating your breakouts. The result is a silky, smooth and subtle skin.

The Phantom is packed with:

  • skin immunity boosting ingredients that increase hydration and restore the skin barrier function
  • plant derived proteins with protective, strengthening and hydrating properties
  • phyto-extracts, anti-oxidants and resveratrol that clear, calm and brighten the skin. 

This elegant, bi-phase moisturizer uses a cutting edge self-emulsifying system which allows us to have a very high concentration of precious, heat sensitive ingredients in a product with a light and elegant texture.


Waterproof toiletry bag as a gift (15cm x 14cm x 5cm)

Get this adorable toiletry bag a gift. 

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