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PLANT VOODOO - Clarifying Concentrate for Dehydrated Blemish Prone Skin

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A powerful concentrated serum for acne prone skin.

Plant Voodoo is the ultimate breakout neutralizer, formulated with bio active anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin-identical ingredients.
It is designed for skin prone to breakouts, congestion, hormonal fluctuations, dehydration and inflammation.

The synergistic combination of Bakuchiol (plant alternative to Vitamin A but without the negative side effects) and Salicylic Acid has a clinically proven skin purifying, exfoliating and anti-bacterial effect.

Thyme, Chamomile CO2 and Mangosteen peel extracts work together to calm, clear and protect the skin without disturbing the skin microbiome.

Ceramides in a blend of oils rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid and Alpha linolenic) will strengthen and boost the skin’s barrier function resulting in a more resilient and healthier looking skin.

Expect clearer, brighter and calmer skin with regular use.

Our clients reported:

⚡ visible improvement in breakouts within a week
⚡ dramatic reduction in inflammation
⚡ cystic acne associated pain relieve
⚡ brighter skin
⚡ smoother skin texture

How to Use

Apply on a freshly cleansed skin. Follow by a moisturizer if needed. Safe to use twice daily. Don’t use along with chemical peels or exfoliates to avoid irritation. This product may initially cause purging for some people, this is a normal reaction and it is a sign of accelerated purification and skin exfoliation. 

Key Ingredients

Bakuchiol – The latest breakthrough in green chemistry, Bakuchiol is the first 100% natural alternative to Retinol without any of the side effects associated with it (no irritation or sun sensitivity). Significantly improves multiple dermal functions, stimulates collagen production, and provides hydration, clinically proven to reduce multiple signs of aging, significant reduction in roughness, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and improvement in skin tone, elasticity, firmness and brightness. Bakuchiol also helps maintain the integrity of skin lipids, it is a radical & non-radical scavenger and it has broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal properties. Based on the results of a recent study, formulations containing 1% Bakuchiol + 2% Salicylic acid showed a nearly 70% reduction in acne lesions.

Black Cumin Seed CO 2 Extract – The seeds of the Black Cumin are loaded with over one hundred nutrients and minerals like linoleic and alpha-Linolenic acids, zinc, calcium, folacin, iron, copper, phosphorus, riboflavin, thiamin, carotenes, proteins and more. Thymoquinone is the most important constituent for the skin's health as it has been scientifically proven to provide anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Our Black Cumin oil has 3 times higher % of Thymoquinone than a cold pressed oil due to the supercritical CO2 extraction used.  

Mangosteen Peel Extract – Mangosteen, also known as Queen of Fruits and Food of Gods, is absolutely saturated with nutrients and it has numerous health benefits. Most beneficial for the skin are the compounds Beta Mangostin, Gama Mangostin and especially Alpha Mangostin.  Our mangosteen extracts contains 40% alpha-mangostin, clinically demonstrated to have anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. 


Thyme extract – A medical herb used for centuries against bacteria, viruses, fungus and infections, thyme has just recently been scientifically evaluated for its anti-acne properties where in a number of studies it exhibited very strong anti-acne properties. Thyme's main constituent is Thymol and we source the extract with highest concentration of Thymol we can find in order to deliver potent anti-bacterial properties.

Salicylic Acid – Also known as BHA, salicylic acid is naturally occurring in various plants like White Willow and Meadowsweet herb. Used for over 2000 years for various health issues it is one of the most common ingredient in anti-blemish formulas. Salicylic acid acts as a skin exfoliate and since it is an oil soluble compound, it is able to deeply penetrate the pores and dissolve excess sebum build up.

Blue Chamomile CO2 Extract – This most cooling and calming extract will bring relief to an inflamed, irritated or overheated skin. The 3 main active constituents are chamazulene, matricin α-bisabolol. Fast acting, absolutely non-toxic and non-irritating this extract is obtained through Supercritical CO2 extraction and it resembles much closer the characteristics of the plant itself than a traditional steam extraction method.   



Is this product 100% natural and organic?
We only use ingredients that are 100% approved for natural skincare, and are naturally derived or naturally occurring in the skin. Many of of the ingredients we use are also organic.

Is this product safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Yes, all our products are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding but we still recommend consulting with your physician before trying new skincare.

Would this product cause purging?
This product may initially cause purging for some people (usually when the skin hasn't been exposed to exfoliates before), this is a normal reaction and it is a sign of accelerated purification and skin exfoliation. 
If purging occurs reduce the frequency of use to 3 times per week for the first 2 weeks, then increase to 5 days a week for one more week. After this initial period you can use daily.
It is important not to stop using the product if you experience purging, we know it is uncomfortable but it will be worth it.
How long would this product last?
The full size will last between and 4 months, the mini will last up to a month.

How long before I see results?
Some people see results overnight, for others it takes a lot longer but in general you can expect calmer and more clear skin within 4 weeks.

Do you offer free shipping?
We offer free shipping on all orders over $60 and flat shipping rate of only $10 for orders under $60.

How fast would I get my order?
Orders with in USA and Canada take between 5 and 10 business days. Shipping to USA is a lot faster than to Canada and usually takes 5 days.
International orders take over 4 weeks due to Covid 19 situation.

Can I return this product?
We know frustrating skin conditions and sensitive skin and realize that everybody is different and can react even to the most natural and gentle ingredient. We also want you to be happy with your purchase and that is why we offer a 30 day return policy, no questions asked.
All you need to do is to email us at to arrange the details.
Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of the shipment when returning a product. 

Full Ingredients List

INCI: Citrullus lanatus (Watermelon) Seed Oil, Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin CO2) Seed Extract, Rubus Villosus (Blackberry) Seed Oil, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Seed Extract, Garcinia Mangostana Peel Extract (Mangosteen), Bakuchiol, Salicylic Acid, Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract,  Thymus Vulgaris Oil (Thyme), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Ceramide NP, Linalool*

*naturally occurring in essential oils

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