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About “skin-identical” Ingredients for Problem Skin

We formulate for dehydrated, acne prone skin, as well as, skin prone to inflammation, excessive redness, and flushing.

Our products are 100% natural, based on “skin-identical” ingredients and plant extracted actives that nourish, detoxify and calm the skin and promote skin barrier integrity, optimal hydration and Ph balance. 

We believe that the most “natural” ingredients for our skin are ingredients that are also naturally part of it. Compounds that are part of our stratum corneum (top layer of the skin) like ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids (approximately 50% ceramides, 25% cholesterol and 10–20% free fatty acids) create the so called “lipid matrix” of the upper layer of the skin. Numerous scientific researches show that applying these 3 compounds topically results in an improved barrier function and a restored skin integrity and health. 

Also “skin-identical” ingredients that are also part of the Skin Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) are

  • Sodium PCA, 
  • Sodium Lactate, 
  • Glycerol (glycerin) 
  • Hyaluronic acid. 

These are water soluble humectants that draw water from the atmosphere to our skin keeping it hydrated but also maintaining a healthy ph as well as skin barrier. 

Other compounds found in the skin layers or part of the skin sebum are 

  • Proteins (like keratin and filaggrin) that have moisturizing and film forming properties when applied topically, 
  • Squalane makes about 10% of our sebum composition and it protects our skin from lipid peroxidation along with being a fantastic emollient 
  • Sterols, certain sterols can increase the synthesis of collagen and decrease the synthesis of enzymes that break down collagen, also they can improve skin elasticity and decrease skin roughness.
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