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The Founder


Dear readers, 

Allow me to introduce myself and this brand.

I am a certified organic skincare formulator, a passionate researcher, a holistic health approach ambassador, a mother and a long time rosacea and eczema sufferer. 

I started making skincare naturally, after years of looking for a solution for my own skin problems and recently trying to help my son’s acne prone skin. 

Ten years ago I desperately needed to find out why my face was so inflamed, hot and dry all the time, constantly breaking out and flushing intensely. The doctors diagnosed me but were of no help as to what causes rosacea and adult acne breakouts and what is the long-term solution. This is when I started researching skincare ingredients, nutrition and lifestyle changes and began a personal and professional transformation which has given me resilient, hydrated, healthy, glowing skin for many years now and ultimately resulted in the creation of The Other Skincare Company.

Today, I know that what you put in your body and on your skin matters. Toxins accumulate and inflammatory foods irritate and disturb the healthy hormonal and microbiome balance in our body. This could lead to a weakened immunity, food allergies, yeast overgrowth, skin diseases, SIBO, leaky gut, indigestion, heartburn and so much more. Everything in our body is connected and all organs in constant communication with each other, what goes on inside the body often manifests on the skin in the shape of acne, rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis. 

I know now, after my own long and painful experience with rosacea and my son’s experience with acne that, as complicated and desperate they may seem sometimes, all skin problems have a very simple solution and this is “going back to the basics”. And this is not only true for diet and lifestyle but for skincare as well. We think, in nowadays advanced and over-complicated world, that all skin problems must have a cutting edge, novice, complicated scientific solution and wait for the newest “miracle ingredient” whereas nothing can be further from the truth. The human body is the most sophisticated and intelligent system there is and it has powerful abilities to heal itself if given the right conditions: detox, clean diet, hydration, relaxation, and of course non-toxic, restorative skincare. 

Along the way I also figured that the most natural, healing, moisturizing and barrier boosting ingredients for the skin are the once that are also naturally part of it. These “skin identical” ingredients are in the core of The Other Skincare Company’s philosophy. We make restorative skin care products that contribute to a stronger, more resistant skin without compromising its integrity, changing its natural pH levels or disturbing its healthy microbiome balance. 

I hope to create a community that will promote a holistic approach to skin health and a different way of looking at certain common skincare products heavily promoted today. It is time for a change in our perception about skin disease and how we deal with it. 

I wish you all a healthy, glowing skin.


Elitsa Milanova