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The Founder


Carefully crafted in stunning British Columbia, The Other Skincare Company creates products formulated to make a difference. 

Elitsa is a certified organic skincare formulator, a relentless researcher, and a long-time rosacea and eczema sufferer. For years, she struggled to find products that would work with her skin instead of irritating it further. When her son started to show signs of acne in his teenage years, she began formulating products for him and the idea for The Other Skincare Company was born. 

Frustrated by the lack of information available on the causes of rosacea and adult acne, she began researching skincare ingredients, lifestyle changes and nutritional impacts on the skin. Working with herbs and botanical extracts was always very important to her but as she was experimenting and testing different formulas Elitsa felt that something was still missing. It wasn’t until she started studding Corneotherapy that she finally realized that addressing the skin barrier function and innate immunity and its ability to self-repair and self-protect instead of only trying to address separate symptoms is the key to every successful skincare formula for problem skin.

Her research showed that the most powerful skin barrier boosting ingredients are also naturally part of the structure of the human skin. These “skin-identical” ingredients make the skin stronger, more resilient and resistant to bacteria overgrowth, external stressors, UV radiation, dehydration, inflammation and premature ageing.

Skin-identical ingredients became the focus of our brand and what sets us apart from other clean beauty companies.

“The goal of our products is to teach the skin to repair itself instead of simply treat the symptoms that are appearing. Our products are intended for long-time use which allows the skin to literally be re-taught in how to keep itself healthy.” 

The Other Skincare Company seeks to create transformational products for problematic skin types that are completely natural, elegant and luxurious prioritizing long term results over short term fixes.

 Me and my boy 


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