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Our Purpose

The goal of our products is: 

  1. To support the Skin Barrier Function and hydration levels with “skin-identical” ingredients boosting the skin’s own defense and repairing functions
  2. To keep skin’s integrity intact without stripping off essential lipids and respecting the skins optimal PH for a healthy skin. 
  3. To offer only Microbiome friendly products
  4. To use only scientifically proven to be effective, naturally derived actives that calm, protect, nourish and energize the skin.  

Green skincare formulating innovation 

  • We do not use heat when formulating our products to avoid ingredients degradation and ensure maximum potency and efficiency of our actives
  • We use innovative, self-emulsification process that enables us to maintain a high concentration of active ingredients resulting in non-greasy, highly hydrating and potent products like our bi-phase, spray moisturiser or oil-to-milk cleanser