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MASKNE - How To Deal With Acne Created By Wearing a Face Mask

MASKNE - How To Deal With Acne Created By Wearing a Face Mask


Maskne is medically called acne mechanics and is acne caused by heat, friction, and occlusion due to prolonged wearing of a face mask.

The warm, moist environment under your mask creates the perfect environment for skin bacteria overgrowth which could lead to acne breakouts or rosacea.

Other potential skin problems like contact dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, inflamed and irritated skin are created by the occlusion and friction of the mask.


Before you put the mask on:

Wash your face and apply a moisturizer that will create a barrier between your skin and the mask. Look for a non comedogenic moisturizer with ceramides, allantoin or hyaluronic acid, these ingredients will provide skin barrier without aggravating any existing breakouts.

The Phantom spray moisturizer is ideal for people who are already acne prone as it deals with multiple factors at the same time - it increases hydration and boosts the skin barrier function with ceramides and plan derived proteins while potent, phyto-actives combat acne causing bacteria. It is also lightweight and  non-comedogenic 

You could use micellar water few times during the day to clean and refresh the skin, micellar waters are mild enough not to strip the skin but still very effective in removing impurities and hydrating the skin.

Try our NMF micellar water for an all natural alternative. It is a 3 in 1 product capable of cleansing, toning and hydrating the skin at the same time using 100% natural actives, hydrosols and calming aloe

If you get dry, irritated skin due to friction you could use a ticker cream with zinc oxide or mineral sunscreen, this will provide yet another layer of protection and will ease the irritation.

After wearing a mask:

Double cleanse with an oil cleanser followed by micellar water or with a very mild cleanser. This is not the time for strong foamy cleansers as the skin needs to keep its microbiome balanced and its barrier strong. Traditional cleansers are too harsh and stripping (even when the label says “mild”) and this will further irritate your skin and leave it vulnerable.

Try our superb Keep Calm - oil cleanser. Formulated especially for people with dehydrated, blemish prone skin and skin that might have a degree of barrier damage and irritation. It washes clean with water.

Use a serum with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties but avoid strong anti-acne agents like benzyl peroxide or strong chemical exfoliates. Salicylic acid is good in lower concentrations to keep the pores unclogged and clean.

Our Plant Voodoo is Bakuchiol & Mangosteen infused serum with added ceramides will purify your pores, calm your breakouts, reduce inflammation and make your skin stronger and more resistant. This is a very fast working oil serum that rapidly penetrated the skin delivering overnight results.

Moisturize ideally with a product containing ceramides. The goal here is to strengthen the barrier function so your skin can handle the harsher environment created by the face mask

Wash your mask daily

Use a clay or sea mud mask 2 times a week


Don’t use any active serums or prescription anti-acne topicals before wearing a mask, keep those for overnight use. This will lower the chances for further irritation.

Avoid wearing makeup

Avoid physical exfoliation, the skin needs to stay intact and build its own immunity.